How to write an effective press release

A press release is the standard way to correspond with the public. You can make use of  press releases whether you’re promoting a new product, organizing an event for a newly-launched software or services, or whether you are initiating a fund-raising campaign for the homeless. A well-formatted press release is a starting point for a more extensive story or feature that could be covered by journalists.

Since press releases are essentially crafted for a targeted audience, it is a must that you prepare a well-written and informative press release so that readers can be prompted to read the whole story. The following outline will help you in writing a remarkable press release.

Make use of a concise and clear language  

Press releases are analogous to news writing, so it is vital to make use of a concise and clear language to be understood and to be remembered easily. Clarity and brevity are elements that count in writing a good press release.

Select an awesome and engaging headline 

Select a headline and sub-headlines that grab the attention of readers. These two sentences should be very focused and should catch the interest of the public. The headline should be one sentence and should cover the core information or announcements. The headline may also include a keyword. Standard press release headlines are usually in the present-tense and should be formatted in title case.

Begin with a compelling “lead”

The lead paragraph in a press release summarizes the story and answers the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and the only H (how). The lead should be compact and compelling as possible, but it should highlight the complete story. The shorter the lead of the press release is, the stronger is the impact on the readers.

Create the body

The body of the press release should expound on the rest of the information you wish to be communicated to readers. This may include quoted statements from high ranking officials of the company, customers or market experts.  Usually, the more important the topic is, the more quotations are required. Remember to uphold  considerate but impartial quotations, just like a journalist covering a story.

Establish a focus 

Journalists are always on the look-out for original and engaging focus to developing a story. Thus, create a press release that is endowed with news values and not just the usual information or facts. In crafting a longer story, journalists must also consider the interest and feelings of the readers, who are attracted to read about things that concern them or are familiar to them.

Include the company boilerplate

A boilerplate is none other than a short description of a company, positioned at the end of the press release, but prior to the media contact information part. These two elements are essential parts of a standard press release and should always be employed. Generally, businesses make use of the same boilerplate over the years and will likely modify it only when certain changes happen in the company.

Lastly, provide other essential information, in case journalists may want to prepare a more extensive story.  Delineate facts and figures, but bear in mind to keep it short and snappy and clear. Make sure you give the necessary contact information where you can be easily reached.  Press releases must appear business-like because companies would like to look professional, reliable and qualified to its public.

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