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Debt Review, is the Consumer Protection Act which is aimed at consumer protection and falls under the National Credit Act of 2005. This act was specifically written to (and I’ll quote from the act) “prohibit reckless credit granting (&) to provide for debt re-organization in cases of over-indebtedness”.

Often we can see huge differences in the results of the two repayment plans. Debt Review in conjunction with the new Code of Conduct promoted by the NDMA lowers the interest rates of the credit agreements and aims to get the consumer out of debt in the concession period of between 3 and 5 years. Under Administration orders there is no such objective in place and often we see Admin orders running to 7 years, which is a very long time for interest to accumulate.

Debt Review helps to reduce the pressure from money debts for this a person can follow some of the steps to get rid of Debt Problem.

  1. Stop using your credit card for large amount of money.
  2. Try to include money for yourself in your Plan.
  3. Try to use cash.etc.

The value of a Review of Debt. This is to make an effort to control the finances using a credit card plan , and to be relaxed with less stressful days. It is just the light at the end of the Debt Problem. One should be stick with his/her plans. To make a goal is to get success. Plan a set up for yourself some milestones that you can celebrate when these goals have been met.

Most importantly, Debt Review leaves you with an improved credit score and a perfect credit report returning you to complete financial wellness.

If interested in pursuing a Debt Review and Debt Counselling can visit our website at http://payplansolutions.co.za/difference-administration-orders-debt-review/. You will find out other help as well.

Author: PR Officer

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