World First for South African design – the Clothes Hanger grows up

Perhaps a tweak here, a rounded corner, a clip or a rubber strip there, but for the last hundred years, the basic triangular-shaped clothes hanger has remained just that. A triangle. Ask it to do any more than hang a single item of clothing, and you’ll be asking for trouble.

That is, until now.

Says Hilary White “Style is important to me. I need to look good for work, but as a mother of two small children, mornings were always rushed, with no time deliberate over different outfits. It was a classic case of “So many clothes but nothing to wear…!”. I always seemed to end up grabbing the same few items of clothing.

An idea inspired by my seven year-old niece, who loved dressing up hangers with different outfits, brought the perfect solution. I went through my wardrobe and dressed up five hangers with beautifully co-coordinated outfits, one for each day of the week. But the clothes didn’t fit well, got creased and fell off – and besides, I wanted to really be organized, and hang my jewellery and accessories as well… and that’s how Gno was born.”

After four years of product development, Gno.1 (pronounced “gee-no-1” is the first multi-tiered hanger in the world that allows you to

Gno.1 has been expertly designed, comprising a double-tiered structure of varying widths, which allows each garment room to “breathe”. A wider, rounded shoulder retains jacket lines perfectly, and the “piece de resistance”, the signature “G” not only allows you to hang scarves and accessories, but also ensures that shirt collars maintain their pristine condition.

Gno.1 is the closet accessory that keeps you organized. Whether you’re a student, businesswoman or busy working mom, or anyone who wears a uniform, from school kids to air hostesses, “Gno” will have you leaving the house each morning feeling cool, calm and collected, and looking great. If you’re a teenager, going over to your friend’s house to dress up for a big night out couldn’t be easier, or more fun. And men will love “Gno” too – it works a treat for those gym sessions before work, or when travelling for business, or even for pleasure.

In fact – EVERYONE will love “Gno”. You’ll wonder how you ever got dressed without it.

Gno.1 launched in Europe, Asia and Africa early in 2015, and is currently available in South Africa online at, Grabbit, Just Play and Shop Therapy. Gno.1 will be available soon in retail outlets across the country – watch this space.

Author: PR Officer

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