Why PressRelease.co.za?

The answer is pretty simple…business need the media in order to communicate with their prospective customers about their products and services. Businesses with enough marketing budgets employ an inhouse writer responsible for creating newsworthy press releases which are then distributed to the media.

Others opt to outsource this service to external public relations companies that provide an excellent service at an agreed monthly retainer…meaning the business contracting such a service will pay on an ongoing basis as long as the public relations firm has that account active with them.

Now comes the third option where businesses without the budget, skill, knowledge of creating press releases and distributing them to the media are currently not serviced.

www.pressrelease.co.za provides a solution to this dilemma by:

  1. offering affordable press release writing and media distribution services.
  2. it’s a pay as you go service…with no contractual obligation.
  3. should you not be happy with our service, you’re free to move on.
  4. we’ll publish your press release on our website and also distribute to the media should you opt for that option.

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Publish your press release instantly without any paywall.

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