Wedding Disposable Cameras – Still worthwhile in 2014?

Disposable cameras have been a stalwart at wedding receptions for many a year. Recently a slew of smartphone apps have hit the market, and the creators of these apps believe that disposable cameras are on the way out.

Eben Lingenfelder from does not feel that this is in fact the case. “Disposable cameras are more than just cameras, they add an element of fun to any wedding reception.”

While the makers of the smartphone apps will tout many reasons as to why their apps are better, not all South Africans have these smartphones. These apps tend to run only on iPhones and Android phones, and with many South Africans still using their trusty Blackberry’s and Nokia’s, your guests might feel a little left out.

With these cameras from, you will see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. As a bride you will not only have some candid shots of yourself, but also of the guests at your wedding. Shots that your photographer won’t be able to take.

Most photographers leave just before dinner is served at the reception, and this means plenty of opportunies for memorable photos are missed. Not so with these disposable cameras. Guests are much more relaxed when posing for pictures with these, and most brides will have lots of fun going through these photograps once developed.

So, wedding disposable cameras are still very relevant, and very useful in 2014. If you are looking to get some, make sure to check out the Disposable Camera website.

Author: PR Officer

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