WebsterMotivateMe hosts Breaking Plateaus in Business seminar

The seminar themed “Breaking Plateaus in Business” is aimed at helping Entrepreneurs to breakthrough the barriers restricting growth in their businesses and lives.

Every person and business eventually has to go through a number of barriers in order to move to the next level of success. A business is either growing or regressing, and even success has to be managed or else it will lead to failure.

This seminar will help Entrepreneurs to breakthrough barriers such as: lack of vision; inadequate marketing; fear; inefficient systems; wrong mindset and more.

This seminar is for the following Entrepreneurs:

  1. Those who want to start their own business
  2. Those who have a successful business which is bringing in profitable income
  3. Those who have a business that is struggling financially and is hindered from growing

This seminar will be held on the 25th of June 2016 at the Civic Centre in Kempton Park and it will start at 10:30am to 14:30pm and the fee is R 200 (Standard) and R 600 (Advanced).

Webster Tsenase is the CEO of TW Publishers, WebsterMotivateMe and Sennasi Kairos. He has overcome many challenges to starting his businesses and has failed many times but refused to give up on his dreams and today he’s living them.

Mukhethwa Nemanashi is the Founding and Senior Brand Strategist at NISSI Brand Solutions. She is currently involved with developing Events Brand Strategies for one of South Africa’s leading petroleum companies (Total).

Eugene Mashilo is the CEO of Heaven On Earth Corporate Partners. He has over 4 years of experience in Business Management, his bespoke cosmetics range “Beauty By Heaven” is doing well and has allowed for his clients to brand their own cosmetics ranges.

For more information on this event please go to www.webstertsenase.com or email us at info@webstermotivateme.com and to RSVP call Webster on 0782679725 and seats are limited so we only confirm booking through payment.

Author: PR Officer

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