Weather data is key to investment – BVG

Farming and agricultural enterprises derive invaluable benefits from close monitoring of weather patterns and regular forecasts. Weather data is vital to effective planning and correct calculation of agricultural profits.

BVG provides the latest real time weather data for South Africa. The reports cover rain, wind, hail, humidity and air pressure among other factors. Through ongoing research and development, plus a constant improving of systems, BVG ensures that farmers are supplied with the latest weather data. The effect of weather data gathering and dissemination filters through to impact on other services offered by BVG including commodity trading South Africa, hedging South Africa, as well as all the shares traded on the JSE.

There have been notable advances in weather data collection and the general climate science. Weather stations can now constantly churn out weather updates through newsroom reports on a monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly basis. These reports can also be downloaded on the BVG site. Such developments enable us to tailor climate and weather information to the specific needs of the users.

BVG also offers hedging funds management services through its BVG Hedge Funds management company. This fund specialises in trading equity and agricultural derivatives on the JSE and aims to achieve optimal returns by investing in listed derivatives.  Investors are called upon to make use of our SAFFEX online trading tool. Through this tool we give you direct market access to the whole of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) as well as information on other products and shares traded on the JSE.

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