Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys at NetFlorist

Johannesburg, Valentines, 2015- It seems as if we’ve just said good-bye to the festive season and Valentine’s Day is here again and of course Valentine’s Day is the holiday for gifts, chocolates and flowers. This is where NetFlorist, SA’s most loved online florist and gifting site, steps up to the plate!

NetFlorist is proud to announce that they’ve got all the best Valentine’s Day present’s for guys! If you’re looking for the perfect Valentines gift for him then look no further than NetFlorist’s Chocolate Bondage Man Crate. This naughty but oh, so nice box of treats comes with a bottle of Nachtmusik Liqueur, fluffy love cuffs, chocolate body paint, and a brush so you can tickle, tease and tantalise your man until he can’t take it anymore this Valentine’s Day…wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Valentine’s Day is a day when ladies are expected to be spoilt, but how about turning the tables this 14th of February? How about making your man a tasty meal and then surprising him with the prezzie of a NetFlorist Nederburg Baronne and Coté D’or Mignonettes Man Crate which you and he can enjoy whilst relaxing together in a sexy bubble bath?

If your guy is more of the manly-man type and is more into rugby than romance then there’s no need to stress about getting him the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day this year, with NetFlorist’s awesome range of Valentine’s Day gifts there will be something for you to buy for your man. If he is the type of guy who prefers biltong to buying beautiful bouquets then you can send him NetFlorist’s Wild Africa Liqueure with Game Biltong. This a Valentine’s Day gift that is guaranteed to bring out the wild side of your guy and get him, and hopefully you later on, purring with delight and satisfaction.

So what more is there to say? No need to wax it, bleach it, or go full Hollywood this Valentine’s Day, simply buy your guy gifts from NetFlorist’s online gift shop and your boyfriend, hubby or fiancé is guaranteed to reward you in the best possible way.

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