The Rent a Dent Rental Car Hire Process

Making a Reservation

Making a rental car reservation with Rent a Dent is easy. Simply choose the dates you would like to hire a car for, enter these in our online booking form, email us a quote or do it the old fashioned way by picking up the phone and calling one of our friendly team. Our easy online booking process allows you to choose where and when you rent.  You choose the class of rental car that best suits your hire requirements and rental car budget.

Our Vehicles

Rent a Dent New Zealand has many vehicle categories. Availability does differ from one rental car location to another. The classes of hire car range from small hatchbacks for running around the city on business to sedans (big or small), station wagons, and people movers right up to 10 – 12 seat mini coach options. Luggage trailers are also available. Be sure to choose the type of rental vehicle that best suits your car hire needs. We recommend that you choose a vehicle slightly larger than what you may require for comfort and economy.

Drivers License

Once you have decided which rental Car Company you will hire a rental vehicle from you will be required to enter your license details in the online booking form as well as show this at the time of collecting your rental vehicle. This is a requirement by all car hire companies as it is used to identify who you are and confirms that you hold a current drivers license, your age and that you are actually who you say you are.

Credit Card Security

You will also be required to use your credit card for security and in most cases process a deposit to reserve the rental car for you. The card will have the deposit, normally 10%, charged at the time of making your rental booking. The balance of your budget car hire will be required at the time of pick up. You will be required to show this just like the drivers license when at the rental office. In almost all cases no credit card will mean no renting a vehicle.

Review the Rental Agreement

At the time of collection it is vital that you review the rental agreement and understand its conditions and requirements. It is your responsibility to check for any existing damage on the vehicle you are hiring. Rent a Dent will complete a body sheet at the beginning of each and every car hire that is put through any of its 24 New Zealand branches to ensure that there is no discrepancy when you return your rental vehicle. We strongly recommend that you check the vehicle for your own satisfaction prior to leaving the rental car yard. Ideally complete this with the staff member hiring the vehicle to you.

Choose an Insurance Option That Best Suits Your Requirements and Budget

All rental vehicles have insurance included in your daily hire charge. In most cases this will be around the $1500 – $3000 mark and can be reduced by paying additional per day. It is recommended that you choose the best option that suits your requirements and budget. The majority of Rent Dent customers choose to purchase one of our insurance excess liability reduction options. This is a safeguard and gives you peace of mind while driving your budget rental car, also great for when you leave the vehicle unattended and out of your care. The last thing you want to be doing is paying a high excess for damage to the hire car that you have not done.

Changes during your rental car hire

Should anything change while you have one of our rental vehicles on hire you need to notify the branch where you collected your vehicle from as soon as it is convenient. This would include a mechanical breakdown, any damage that occurs or involvement in an accident. If you would like to extend your rental period you must contact us as extending a vehicle rental may not always be possible. In most cases we will aim to accommodate your request but this cannot be guaranteed. A change of hire car may be required. Infringements, parking fines, road tolls or any other charges collected during your rental hire period will be handled in a way in which the law states. If we have to charge your credit card for any of the above there will be an admin cost of $30 attached to the charges.

Rental Car Fuel


All Rent a Dent rental cars begin their hire with a full tank of fuel. We believe that there would be nothing more frustrating than the very first thing you have to do once you have collected your rental car is going to the service station to put fuel in your vehicle, or having to guess how much fuel you have used to return the vehicle at the end of the hire with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up. We have heard of many horror stories where people have been treated poorly under these circumstances. We believe in making your car hire an easy, stress less process. Our vehicles are full of petrol or diesel when collect and the only requirement we ask is that the vehicle be returned to us on full. Every one of our New Zealand Rent a Dent locations has a service station within a 5km radius making this a simple and stress-less task. We do offer a service where we can re-fuel the vehicle for you if circumstances mean you are unable to do this. In most cases there will be a $30 admin fee to cover the person’s time away from the office to do this for you plus the actual fuel cost. This would be charged to your credit card once completed.

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