The 9 Different Style Types — Which Type Are You?

Now we don’t like to put labels on anyone. But when it comes to your own unique style and defining your sartorial M.O., it is good to set some parameters around the glut of different fashion types.

Whether you’re more of an all-American traditionalist, a prep star with a hipster side, or even the uncompromising sportsman, find your tribe with this style personality rundown. Not that we’re trying to put you in a box — you have our permission to fully embrace any underlying split-style mood disorder.

1. The Corporate Powerhouse

If suits are your middle name, then corporate powerhouse is your game. Climbing your way up the professional ladder has been a series of made-to-measure suits, seven-fold silk ties, and pocket squares, plus shined-to-the-hilt brogues — all of which perfectly accessorize that take-no-prisoners attitude in the boardroom. You don’t wear that Cartier watch to tell time, but to tell others that this is your schedule. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the enjoyable complexities of that meticulously tailored suit. But at the end of the day, you don’t dress for pleasure, you dress for results.

2. The Prepster

The Ivy League has nothing on you and your double-breasted blazers, precision-pressed khakis, and bucks. However, your wispy sartorial ways aren’t completely stuck on the collegiate track. You know the ways of the world, and there’s an inner hipster in you that rears its head in the smallest of details. So, yes, maybe sometimes you are unapologetically wearing an edgy printed T-shirt under that Ralph Lauren Purple Label jacket — or skipping the polished Cole Han shoes for the trendy sneakers. But your look is all the better for it. There is such thing as too much Vineyard Vines and pastel-checkered button-downs, after all.

3. The European

You may be all-American by blood, but your style is firmly rooted across the pond. This side of the style world has you dressing as if you’re always on holiday in Italy, where the art of sprezzatura — aka nonchalance — pervades your daily philosophy. You live life in color, with a range of multi-hued cotton blazers and trousers all closely fitted to the body and topped off by driving shoes or suede moccasins. The proper accoutrement is, well, everything, with colorful ties, pocket squares, punchy belts, and patterned scarves only scratching the surface of your bag of accessories tricks.

4. The Hip-Hop Street Artist

The beat always goes on in your corner of the world. Your street wear style is perfect — 100% of the time. Kenya West might be one of your main influences, although you’d never admit it. Still, the layered parkas, distressed denim, jogger pants, snapbacks, and high-tops speak volumes. You actually have a separate closet for that embarrassment of sneakers, and yes, the Drake X OVO Air Jordan’s and the Yeasty Boost 350s are some of your top-shelf picks. So it goes without saying that the fashion collaborations always catch your attention — from Adidas’s partnerships with Kenya West (naturally) and Color to that once-momentous Versace x H&M collection.

5. The Flirt

Some may call you a player, but one thing you never mess around with is your style. You dress to impress and don’t mind flinging around a few lure labels — always accompanied by the flash of a sizable watch. Rakishly tailored jackets and dress shirts in soft pastel hues (unbuttoned down to the chest, naturally) are the norm, usually paired with dark jeans and driving shoes. On occasion, a pocket square will find its way into the mix along with a few leather bracelets around your wrist because it’s all fun and games when it comes to your style plays.

6. The Jock

“Just do it” has always been your mantra — on and off the field. When it comes to your style scoreboard, your sartorial winning streak is going strong when it comes to at leisure and functional fitness wear. So, yes, you’re a player, but not in the same sense as your “Flirt” counterparts. Even if you’re not upping your game by pounding the pavement in tracksuits as your alter-ego running man — or busting through the WOD at your local cross fit box — you still put on high-performance gear. Technical sportswear, such as nylon vests, jerseys, and joggers, get mixed with denim and button-downs — and maybe even a blazer on occasion for the ultimate work-play combination.

7. The Rock-Star Motto Man

You may have grown out of your Guitar Hero phase, but one thing that will never change is the inner rocker child within you. No, you’re not masquerading in all-black cutouts, fringe, and laces, and you may not belong to the HOG top-to-toe leather club. But that rock-star-cool attitude mixed with a motorcycle-tinged mood has you performing your daily duties in a pair of close-fitting, ripped jeans or an edgy-lure, grunge-touched bomber coat finished with a pair of perfectly worn and distressed buckle boots. You may even go so far as a true-to-form leopard-print sweater, tamed by an innocuous pair of pants and solid blazer, but you wear it all with a devil-may-care flair worthy of many an encore.

8. The Adventurer

It’s not that you don’t care about fashion; you just would rather be (a) backpacking across Europe (b) climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or (c) rappelling the Grand Canyon. When you’re doing (d) none of the above and simply navigating the jungle of everyday life, your wardrobe still looks like it’s straight off the back of Indiana Jones. And that’s okay. Canvas jackets, twill, plaid flannel, and corduroy in natural tones also make regular appearances on your frame, even further weaving the story behind your adventurous treks around town (or the Outback).

9. The All-American Throwback

Neither Ward Cleaver nor Don Draper have anything on you, as you don your masculine, well-cut, classic American suit with the effortless formality of a bygone era still relevant today. It’s not just about looking respectable, it’s about creating the ultimate refinement — no matter if you’re at work or off-duty. Bespoke is the style bible you live by, but trim polo shirts and even the occasional vintage-inspired varsity jacket find their way into your after-hours ensemble. Pert skinny ties, hats, pocket squares, a slick pair of cuff links, and Oxfords are a given when it comes to your daily go-to accessories. A full-fledged classic spirit is the philosophy by which you live, which means you’re always dressed well for the occasion.

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