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Social media is a relatively new invention in the world of business but social media has fast become an indispensable tool for every business to wield. One of every seven people is on Facebook and it has become more important for companies to reach out to potential customers where they live and socialize, companies that are not doing the legwork to meet customers where they are will never be approached. It takes time and effort to reach out to customers and to bring your message out to where your potential customers are.

There are a lot of social media platforms and potential strategies companies can take in building their company identity and reaching out during online marketing campaigns. Primarily is obviously Facebook while Twitter is a close second for social networks all companies should be a part of. Each network however has its own flavor and allows each company to flex different media muscles on each network and focus on strengths where it is more likely to find its customers.

Facebook is a solid home base of every company outside their own website, anyone can start a page but it takes time to build up the subscriber base many of the large pages are used to. The most important thing to do on this and every network is to build a base of real interested fans that are customers or potential customers set up for conversion into real customers. Many online marketing strategies attempt to build a base by buying uninterested users for a show of support of their brand, but without real fans and interested customers or potential customers there is not the possibility to actually bring business to each company. However reaching out via the most popular and well-used social network can make it easy to be accessible as a company.

Twitter offers a great way to stay current and connected via short messages to customers. But more than specific messages about business, Twitter users are looking for news and interesting content and not looking to just be sold to with a long list of companies. Any good social media management campaign uses Twitter with a mix of online marketing and a mix of content without a marketing angle.

Other social networks can appeal to different fringe groups of potential customers. For example, Google+ is a haven for techies who enjoy the community functions. Other users on Google+ may not be tech oriented but a vast majority of early adopters of Google+ are also interested in other new tech and other advances. And on Tumblr, the younger meme-savvy crowd has allowed for stranger forms of marketing to appear, Denny’s has found new life via strange and more meta than ever memes and posts getting the younger crowd to come in for a meal.

Social media can make leaps and bounds for companies interested in reaching out to their potential and actual customers. One approach will not fit every company style and there are many platforms and options for companies to make their unique mark. For any social media marketing, please do not hesitate to contact

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