Small security companies get an opportunity to join December gold-rush

Festive season holidays represent a burgeoning market  for  guarding companies, as South Africa  manufacturing and support industries takes a Christmas break.  The golden opportunity for security  guarding companies to fatten their balance sheets begins.

During the period between the end of the second week of December and the start of the first week of  January, employment in the private security industry reaches an all-time high for the year as offices,  industrial parks and some residential complexes are left in the care of security guards. When  established security companies ups their A-game to grab big sluices of market share, the small unknown companies are left scrambling for crumbs due to lack of market presence., an online crime-news and security solution channel, is providing an online advertising  opportunity to small security companies with advertising packages from as little as one Rand (R1.00)  per thousand impression (1000 CPM) for display Ads and one Rand per one hundred clicks (100 CPC)  for text Ads, to help them develop brand awareness and a market presence and to use performance  metrics from this campaigns to create long term online marketing plans.

The internet makes it easy to distribute marketing messages and provides measurement tools to cost  effectively target the right audience and track performance. The best internet marketing platform is  without doubt Google search, but is not a cheap medium. General stats shows you need as much as  thirty clicks to produce a single conversion on Google. Bids for important security industry keywords such as security or  guards costs as much as twenty five Rands per click (R25.00/CPC), it could cost as much as seven  hundred and fifty Rands to create a single lead on Google. offer a user-friendly self-service advertising system with advanced targeting options, including targeting by city, region, country or GP co-ordinates or specific day of the week. Tracking and performance tools with up-to date traffic charts with summary of key metrics, including unique visitor, impression or average time spend

Author: PR Officer

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