Seasons greetings from all at Foscam!

Foscam would like to thank you all for the support over the past year. It has been an exciting year for us with all of the new advancements in technology.

In 2014 we had the launch of Fosbaby, Foscams very first baby monitor. The Fosbaby baby monitor has seen a huge amount of interest and demand, especially since the Ugandan nanny was caught on video abusing a toddler. Fosbaby is becoming a household name amongst parents who want to keep an eye on their children. As with all of their camera range, the Fosbaby is viewable remotely via the internet or cellphone.

The middle of the year Foscam introduced the FI9828W. The very first high definition outdoor pan, tilt and zoom camera. This camera has proven to be extremely popular. The sharp picture quality, coupled with the very affordable price tag has seen this camera fly off of the shelves. The FI9828W has a 20 metre night vision range and 3 times optical zoom. Selling for only R3300 on – this camera has certainly impressed customers.

Foscam has simplified the setup of their cameras, releasing plug and play versions for the indoor camera range as well as a few of the outdoor camera options.

The mini dome camera has proven to be a popular addition to the Foscam family – with a 70 degree viewing angle, remote internet viewing and night vision capabilities upto 10 metres.

The Foscam brand is all ONVIF compliant, meaning that there is interoperability between IP-based security products, no matter who the manufacturer. This means you can add to your already existing IP security range, no matter what brand, as long as it has ONVIF standardisation.

All of these cameras can be neatly tied up with one central unit, the new addition to the Foscam family, the FN3104 high definition network video recorder. This NVR is suitable for small or medium surveillance systems and will allow you to play 4 channel recordings simultaneously.

As you can see, it has been a very busy year at Foscam. In 2015 we hope to bring you more new and exciting products, always keeping you at the forefront of internet camera technology.

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Author: PR Officer

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