Samsung Smart Hospitality banks on guest experience

The hospitality industry has experienced tremendous change over the last ten years, with technology becoming the bedrock that today’s customer experience is built on.

The IBM Hotel 2020 Hospitality Paradox Study* showed that while 68% of travellers see little or no difference between various hotel chains, they will pay a 10% premium to stay in their favourite hotel, demonstrating the significant importance of delivering a differentiated offering that meets the needs of consumers.

According to Mike van Lier, Divisional Head of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics SA, the use of innovative technology is key to enhancing the customer experience at every touch point. “In this regard, Samsung has a proud legacy of pioneering breakthrough technological innovation that is tailor made for the hospitality industry. With an unparalleled portfolio of well-designed and integrated devices and packages, the Samsung Smart Hospitality range enables venues to create a distinctive guest experience, allowing them to build long-term customer loyalty.”

For guests with GALAXY Smartphones, a customisable hotel app with NFC (Near Field Communications) functionalities means the phone can be used as a room key, thus replacing the need for magnetic key cards. A further feature is Samsung Smart View, which provides the flexibility to view in-room TV content on a mobile device or display content from personal devices on the TV. 

The use of integrated high performing Hotel TVs that have been expertly designed for upmarket venues, including an easy-to-use interface, contributes towards a luxurious atmosphere and provides excellent viewing with sleek, streamlined profiles and narrow, distraction-free bezel design.

Van Lier notes that the TV’s internal powerful processor also delivers and manages the channels, the interactive hotel services directory information as well as captures Videos-On-Demand, which are streamed over the hotel’s data network.

For the business guest, high-performance printers that are equipped with a mobile and cloud printing function and enhanced security features, means they can stay connected at all times. Guests can also use the functionality in their rooms, making it the perfect cost-effective alternative to a business centre structure within the hotel, which involves additional capital layout and printers.

Additional offerings in the Samsung Smart Hospitality range include air-conditioning solutions that are among the most cost-effective in the industry, due to award-winning energy efficiency and compatibility. The inclusion of SMART signage has also become the standard in many venues, including casinos, for delivering important information to guests.

“The array of features on offer from Samsung can also be integrated into the overall working of the hotel site, so that employees are given greater mobility and can work more efficiently, thereby streamlining operations,” says Van Lier. For example, Samsung’s LYNK SINC, offers an optimised clutter free TV content management solution, over an integrated, IP-based infrastructure. Furthermore, seamless, secure and reliable wireless communication tools for hospitality managers provide optimal communication for efficient productivity in back-office operations.

“For the tourism industry in South Africa to grow and compete with international destinations, it must continue to invest in technology that is built for the long term, is capable of handling extensive usage and can deliver on the very latest in convenience and features. We have paid close attention to these trends and in response have created offerings that help guests get the most out of their experience, thereby enabling hotels to achieve sharp, competitive capabilities,” concludes Van Lier.



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