Samsung Electronics Acquires Proximal Data

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, December 12, 2014 – Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced that it has acquired Proximal Data, Inc., a San Diego, California-based pioneer of server-side caching software with I/O (Input/Output) intelligence that works within virtualised systems.

“We are delighted by this partnership. Proximal Data joining us will enable the enhancement of our competence in SSD-based software for server systems,” said Mike van Lier, Divisional Head of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics SA. “This acquisition means we will be able to further expand our SSD business in the server and data centre markets, while continuing to provide the most advanced SSD offerings to customers.”


Caching software improves storage performance by controlling and storing frequently used data more efficiently. Proximal Data holds core technology in this area and has been marketing AutoCache, a virtual cache storage solution that dramatically increases virtual machine density and performance by eliminating I/O bottlenecks, without disrupting IT operations.

“Proximal Data sees tremendous value in being part of Samsung Electronics, the world leader in flash storage,” said Rory Bolt, CEO and founder of Proximal Data. “We are excited at the opportunity to enhance AutoCache, as well as create revolutionary new products in enterprise storage, the potential of which will be greatly improved with access to the full capabilities of Samsung.”

In 2012, AutoCache was chosen at the Flash Memory Summit as a Best of Show award winner in the category of Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology. Moreover, Proximal Data has earned industry recognition as a provider of innovative caching packages.


The Proximal Data move follows Samsung’s acquisition of NVELO in 2012, a US-based SSD caching software creator. Samsung has applied NVELO’s advanced caching software to its branded SSDs since 2013 to offer up-to-date performance and greater convenience to users.


With its acquisition of Proximal Data, Samsung has taken a major strategic step toward further improving its business competitiveness in the server SSD market and expanding its overall SSD business in conjunction with the use of 3D Vertical NAND memory technology.

“Samsung believes in providing a New Business Experience and does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather in offering customer-centric devices and software products that are tailored to a relevant market. The acquisition of Proximal Data forms an integral part of our strategy for the memory business, as we endeavour to meet the key demands of IT decision makers,” concludes van Lier.

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