Sales Superstar Book Launch – Turning Ordinary Call Centre Agents into Extra-Ordinary Sales Superstar

A growing number of young people around the world enter the job market in some kind of call centre job. From India to Dubai, South Africa to Australia, being able to sell over the phone may be the key to the start of many successful careers.

In his first book Sales Superstar – The Winning Formula to Call Centre Sales, Yogesh Pearlal maintains there is a formula to consistent sales success especially in an industry when consistency is not a guarantee.

Launching on the 15 June 2016 at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Johannesburg’ s Monte Casino, merely a day before the remembrance of the June 16 Youth Uprising, this book will change the way people see the call centre as a career choice.


This book will be available from Skoobs Theatre of Books in Johannesburg from the 15 June 2016. It is also available in eBook and paperback on Book Executive Summary and Pictures available from Publishers (

What you will learn from reading this book:

Beginning with what makes a Sales Superstar you will also get an understanding where your sales come from, the qualities of a sales superstar, why clients would buy more from superstars than ordinary sales advisors and how to get more information from prospective clients through smart questioning

The Winning Success Formula is designed to unlock the call centre sales process and what you need to know about yourself, your client and your product to succeed in the call centre. You will also learn how to master the Call Centre Sales process for more sales as well as Call Centre Objection Handing and Sales tips.

Author: PR Officer

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