SA vs. Gaza Conflict – living in a warzone!

With the most recent war breaking out in the Gaza strip, statistics have come to light revealing that in the first 8 days, the death toll had risen upto approximately 144 people.

To most people worldwide, this loss of life over such a short timescale is horrific. Political leaders from the major super powers are all taking their stand and the UN is involved. But lets take a closer look at those stats and compare the conflict in Gaza with the warzone that we as South Africans live with every day.

Over an 8 day period of conflict, Gaza had lost 144 people, injured people totalled 1300 and untold number of people were traumatized.

In South Africa, over the same time frame, we lost 365 people, injured people totalled 4433, and traumatized totalled 7290.

Jacob Zuma called for a ceasefire on Wednesday in Gaza.

“We call on the Israeli government to stop its air and ground offensive, which continues to cause loss of life and a devastating humanitarian crisis.

As a South African citizen, I can’t understand why our humanitarian crisis is not being addressed. Why do none of these super powers lend a hand to end our crisis?

South Africa, with all its beauty and culture seems to be on a downward spiral again. Crime is increasing and people are again wondering “what next, where to?”

Keeping safe is paramount in South Africa and people are spending thousands of rands on doing just that. Leaders in home security, Foscam South Africa, have said there is a large increase of people worried about their home security.

“The public are prepared to spend thousands of rands on IP camera systems, hoping that by being able to login remotely and see for themselves what is going on, they can take matters into their own hands. DIY home security is fast becoming a trend.”

Foscam IP cameras are essentially security cameras that work with your wireless internet signal. They transmit live data, which you can view directly over your cellphone or laptop. Sporting a wide range of both indoor and outdoor cameras, Foscam South Africa are helping give you piece of mind. Home security has never been easier with this new version of wireless CCTV.

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