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Rushaan Toefy Financial Services or RTFS is one-stop financial compliance service providers. They allow you to focus on your core business activities while they manage all the financial needs of your business.

A highly competent team of Rushaan Toefy Financial Services work towards providing consistent and excellent services to client. RTFS ensures that all the financial compliance and administration needs are handled in a timely and professional manner. Their clients include NGOs, private companies, corporations and trusts etc. RTFS customises their services as per the client’s requirements. Rushaan Toefy Financial Services has evolved as a trusted name among all the accounting firms in Cape Town.

Why to choose Rushaan Toefy Financial Services

Rushaan Toefy Financial Services provide the best financial advice and services that are required as per the client’s business needs. Here is why you must choose RTFS:

  • They provide BBBEE verification service. Applying for BBBEE certification is easy. Submit required set of documents and RTFS will provide you a BBBEE certificate after verification. Their BBBEE verification is SANAS approved.
  • RTFS helps a company register as a (Pty) Ltd. A company can fill up a form available on their website. If your company has more than 5 directors or you have any other problems regarding the form, contact them directly. They will assist you.
  • One can also register a non-profit organisation or a co-operative by filling up forms available at RTFS website. They provide assistance, if a client requires it.
  • A company can fill up a simple form to amend company details and submit it with RTFS. They will contact you and assist you in the amendment process.
  • CIPC annual returns can also be submitted with RTFS. A company, which wants to convert CC to (Pty) Ltd, can easily do it with assistance of RTFS.
  • Along with registration, submission and certification services, RTFS also provides bookkeeping, payroll and tax services in Cape Town.
  • Rushaan Toefy Financial Services are leading labour law consultants in Cape Town, South Africa. They also specialise in SARS submission and workmen compensation.
  • One can fill up contact details and ask assistance. RTFS will contact and assists you.
  • They ensure all your queries are answered and give you advice that best suits your needs.
  • They value their clients the most, they provide financial package that best suits their client’s requirements.

They provide best in the niche accounting, administrative and audit services at reasonable standard rate. One can easily browse through their price list. To know more about the company and their services, visit their website: http://www.rtfs.co.za

About the company:

Rushaan Toefy Financial Services or RTFS has been operating since 2001 in their niche area of financial services. They ensure best financial advice and services. They are respected in their niche for providing excellent services in timely and professional manner. 


Office 1154, 11th Floor, Picbel Parkade,
58 Strand Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Tel: 0214212870
Fax: 0214211374

Author: PR Officer

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