ROI Africa partners Ivan Zimmermann’s Cairo to Cape adventure

One of South Africa’s foremost media intelligence providers, ROIAfrica, under the leadership of its MD, Tonya Khoury, has joined hands with actor, Ivan Zimmermann, in his Cairo to Cape Tour d’Afrique mountain bike challenge between 9 January and 9 May 2015.
ROi Africa will be monitoring all media coverage of Ivan’s trip for the duration of the challenge and provide media insights about the challenge, says Khoury, Managing Director, “We are proud to sponsor this initiative and with Ivan being active on social media across the adventure, ROi Africa will ensure that he has constant feedback on the growth of this exciting initiative and is offered insights on how to further engage for the market’s support”   The monitoring and intelligence will include media coverage through countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
ROi Africa’s system is characterised by Smart Technology which learns and identifies trends surrounding the challenge across all media platforms. These platforms includes global and local print, radio, television, online and social media. ROi Africa uses the largest social media pipe in the world – over 200 million platforms 
“ROI Africa will also enable sponsors of the challenge to measure exactly how much media coverage they have received, which is essential from a ‘return on investment’ point of view,” adds Khoury.
Internally, we will also be getting our team involved in the Can-A-Kilo initiative, where Ivan hopes to collect at least 12,000 cans of food for the hungry, a can for every kilometer he travels on his bicycle.
ROi is supported by one of South Africa’s most innovative listed companies, Ecsponent with an African footprint and the expertise needed to create big business with exceptional technology. “Both ROi Africa and Ecsponent are committed to improving the lives of children in South Africa and for that reason we have decided to  join hands with Ivan in pledging to raise canned foods in contribution to Ivan’s adventure” explains Khoury.
This food will be distributed by the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation in South Africa,” says Zimmerman. Collection points for the tins can be found on Ivan’s website
NAME:              Tonya Khoury
CELL:               073 874 5377
TWITTER:         @tonyaroi / @roiafrica

Author: PR Officer

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