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Managing a rental property is hard work. As a landlord, you know that in order to run your business profitably and professionally, you will need to handle a large volume of information and records. Tenant applications, rent receipts, maintenance records and requests all add up to a mountain of data that you need to stay on top of.

When you have several properties to manage, with each at a different stage of the rental process, it can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task to deal with scattered bits of information. As a landlord, you and your tenants value efficiency and quick responses. is building a comprehensive end-to-end residential property management service that will streamline and centralise all the key aspects of your business, allowing you to be more efficient and productive and have a clearer overview of your rental properties.

You will have at your fingertips a clear overview of all the records relating to the management of your property at every stage of the lettings process.

Our simple platform will allow you to bring together all the information and processes that are part of managing your lettings business, from property viewings and tenancy agreements to receiving rental payments and dealing with maintenance.

With, you will have a tool that organises and fully integrates your business, giving you access to all your management data, and boosting your productivity and efficiency. An online tool means that you can get to your records wherever and whenever you have an internet connection.

See how’s sophisticated features automate routine tasks and can help you manage your rentals experience.

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