Private investigator offer pro bono services to the indigent

Following in the steps of their California operation private investigation agency Rick Crouch & Associates are expanding their social responsibility program.

The companies social responsibility program allows for a certain number of investigation cases to be classified as pro bono for indigent clients.

“The indigent also need investigation support in their criminal cases, we will work with their court appointed attorneys to ensure that they receive a fair trial and that the police did in fact arrest the right person. There are only a limited number of pro bono slots available so there is a strict criteria to ensure on a sliding scale what the client will pay which could be as little as zero” said Rick Crouch.

“To often we hear about the wrong person being convicted or ‘over charged’ simply because they do not have the money to mount their own investigation. We have been very successful in the past in proving the wrong person was either convicted or arrested in a ‘rush to judgement’ by the authorities. We are supposed to be equal under the law but the unfortunate truth is that we are only as equal as the amount of money we have to mount a defence” added Crouch.

Rick Crouch & Associates is a private investigation company with offices in California and Durban, they handle a wide range of cases from criminal and civil to divorce and cold cases to name a few.

Author: PR Officer

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