Know Your PR Agency: Trafficfundi

This is my second edition profiling PR firms and today the spotlight falls on Trafficfundi…

What is the name of your PR firm?

Trafficfundi, we are actually Expand Marketing Trading as Trafficfundi –

Who owns the PR firm?

100% owned by Steven Green – my son and we are a family based business.

What services does your PR firm offer?

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEARCH and SOCIAL MARKETING – integration of Seo and Social media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords PPC
  • Connect with Online Communities through powerful content copywriting, publishing and sharing
  • Author ranking and reviews
  • Lead generation

Give a breakdown of your main industries?

  •  Financial
  •  Tourism, travel
  •  Online retail

What sets your PR firm apart from the crowd?

We always stay 10 clicks ahead of others by asking and learning

Namedrop new accounts that your PR firm has acquired recently…

Yowzit – review business, Three – hospitality and conferencing

List accounts that your PR firm has lost recently…

Are press releases still relevant today with social media breaking news?

YES as long as they link to some website, online news, author etc

Which social media platform works best for your PR firm and why?

Google+, Facebook, Twitter combo

What industry body is your PR firm affiliated to?

We are not but are shareholders in with Thuli Buthelezi

How do prospective clients reach your PR firm?

Through word of mouth firstly and secondly through our online marketing campaigns.

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