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This is the seventh edition of profile interview where I feature PR agencies making up the public relations community in South Africa. Today I’m privileged to be chatting to Andrea Desfarges, the founder of Publicity, a new Cape Town based PR and marketing startup.

What is the name of your PR firm?

Publicity.  That’s it.

Who owns the PR firm?

Andrea Desfarges.

What services does your PR firm offer?

We do digital, design, creative marketing and PR.  So full campaigns from start to evaluation.

Give a breakdown of your main industries?

We used to specialise in food and drinks and celebrity clients but now take on other fields too.

What sets your PR firm apart from the crowd?

Our international experience working with high profile brands in the UK for 8 years.

Namedrop new accounts that your PR firm has acquired recently…

Well, we’re just setting up officially in Cape Town and keeping it elite.  Recently worked on a lovely project and gala dinner for the Royal Thai Embassy. (full portfolio is on our website)

List accounts that your PR firm has lost recently…


Are press releases still relevant today with social media breaking news?

Yes.  Especially if they’re available online.  People still like to have a base document with the facts.

Which social media platform works best for your PR firm and why?

Facebook.  It has more interaction for us and can be measured daily.

What industry body is your PR firm affiliated to?

We won several industry awards in the UK but have decided to take a break from that for a while.

How do prospective clients reach your PR firm?

Mostly word of mouth.  Although we are promoting our new website through an online campaign, we’re very proud of it.

Visit our website for a portfolio and case studies.  Connect with us on Facebook or check out Andrea’s resumé on LinkedIn www.LinkedIn/in/AndreaDesfarges

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