Know Your PR Agency: DUO Marketing

On the 4th edition of PR Agency profile series, I’m joined by DUO Marketing + Communications…

What is the name of your PR firm?

DUO Marketing + Communications.

Who owns the PR firm?

DUO is a female owned, level 4 BEE contributor founded by Judith Middleton.

What services does your PR firm offer?

DUO offers B2B PR and Marketing services for the ICT industry. We provide core PR and media management services including press releases, columns, features, opinion pieces and thought leadership, case studies, media interviews, personal profiling, industry speaking opportunities, crisis and reputation management, internal communications and media training. In addition we offer our value-add digital services which include Social Media management, SEO and digital storytelling/video.

Give a breakdown of your main industries?

Business-to-business tech, telecoms and ICT.

What sets your PR firm apart from the crowd?

  • We are a niche, specialised B2B technology agency
  • Our depth of understanding in Tech and how to translate tech into business value
  • Our unique business model – we don’t swap time for money. We operate on an outcomes based model
  • Award winning journalists

Namedrop new accounts that your PR firm has acquired recently…

Amazon Cape Town, Gartner Symposium, WiGroup, Innervation, Connecto, ExecMobile and Framework One.

List accounts that your PR firm has lost recently…

Sadly- Shoretel

Are press releases still relevant today with social media breaking news?

Yes- press releases depth  and insight that is vital for b2b decision making.

Which social media platform works best for your PR firm and why?

LinkedIn – for recruitment, Twitter – for hard news, and Facebook – for community building

What industry body is your PR firm affiliated to?

The IPRA (International Public Relations Association)

How do prospective clients reach your PR firm?

Usually by referrals and via our own SEO strategy and of course our website (

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