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This week is the sixth installment where I profile feature PR agencies representing brands in South Africa. Mari Lee, the founder joins us today to talk about her agency DevCom, thank you for sharing…

What is the name of your PR firm?

Development Communication Solutions – better known as DevCom.

Who owns the PR firm?

Mari Lee, an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) and Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (CPRP).

Mari black

Mari Lee

What services does your PR firm offer?

DevCom specialises in stakeholder relations and full strategic communication and public relations services. Our ability to connect with your stakeholders and bridge the communication gap is visible in our track-record of ten highly-commendable industry awards, and numerous customer testimonials and case-studies. We excel in communication research, development communication, internal communication and full stakeholder relations design and  implementation.

Give a breakdown of your main industries?

DevCom’s clients are 49% in the social development industry including large funding and development agencies and national non-profit organisations. 51% of our clients are medium sized business and corporates whom want to ensure excellent stakeholder relations and strategic communication that add to the bottom line. We have clients in 7 different industries, as seen below:


What sets your PR firm apart from the crowd?

We take the road less travelled and do not go for the traditional corporate accounts. We serve a niche market with two things mainly setting us apart from the crowd: DevCom does measured communication and insist on doing research and measuring all communication activities. If it does not add to the bottom line or social profit, we will not spend our time and talent and our client’s resources doing it. Secondly, we have the ability to truly connect to people and believe that above all, communication is a human science. We focus on process and people, not on media and message. We can work in townships and rural communities and hold our own in the boardroom, and best of all, we have the ability to use our communication tools to connect the two worlds. Our track-record of 37 communication audits and strategies in the past 7 years of which about 35% was award-winning, about 35% implemented with results, 26% partly implemented and only 3% not implemented, speaks for itself.

Namedrop new accounts that your PR firm has acquired recently…

Timbali Technology Incubators, Nataniël Progress Project, Jumping Kids Foundation, CBE Consulting.

List accounts that your PR firm has lost recently…


Are press releases still relevant today with social media breaking news?

Yes. Social media is not the be-all and end-all in communication, and it is dangerous to believe it is.  People deal with people. True relationships are more important than superficial social connections and there is a place for both the traditional and the new media channels in a well-researched, well-developed communication strategy. I do believe that there is a strong move from just public relations in the traditional sense to integrated strategic communication that add more value to the business than just managing media relations.

Which social media platform works best for your PR firm and why?

We work often with audiences that has limited internet access and therefore mobile communication is the new media platform we work with most. This include a wide range of mobile apps and mobile message development, taking advantage of the deep and wide mobile penetration we see often with our client’s audiences.

What industry body is your PR firm affiliated to?

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA).

How do prospective clients reach your PR firm?

Visit our website, email us at or phone us on 012 667 6018.

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