Know Your PR Agency: Coz it Counts

Today its my third installment of Know Your PR firm, where I get to profile public relations agencies. Coz it Counts is in the spotlight, let’s find out more about them…

What is the name of your PR firm?

Coz it Counts: Grow your brand. Grow your influence. Change the world

Who owns the PR firm?

Carolyn Cramer. Caz has over 7 years of experience in public relations. After completing her undergraduate degree in conservation ecology, she went on to obtain her honours and masters in journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. She began working in communications and media relations at WWF South Africa before leaving to open her own PR company, which specifically focuses on the non-profit sector.

What services does your PR firm offer?

Because we have a unique client base, we tailor our needs to our clients’ requirements.

Some of our services include :

Media relations – we become the interface between organisations and the media, seeking out interview opportunities and drafting and distributing press releases and opinion pieces.

Social media management – we believe in the power of social media to build loyalty to brands as well as to communicate important messages. We also provide social media strategies and monitoring.

Media training – we help spokespeople to understand how the media operates and how best to respond to them to ensure that their key messages are communicated clearly.

Communications support – we assist with drafting copy and report writing and editing.

Give a breakdown of your main industries?

Our main focus is the niche market of non-profit organisations because we love what they are doing for our country. Our clients inspire us and we are privileged to team with them to spread their messages and foster support.

What sets your PR firm apart from the crowd?

We are a boutique agency. Because of our size and unique skill set, we have the capacity to pay detailed attention to growing a brand and increasing awareness around it.

Namedrop new accounts that your PR firm has acquired recently…

WWF South Africa, Relate Bracelets and Afrika Tikkun.

List accounts that your PR firm has lost recently.


Are press releases still relevant today with social media breaking news?

Absolutely – but it’s vital that they are pitched correctly to a targeted media list and that they are supported by social media communications as appropriate.

Which social media platform works best for your PR firm and why?

We use both Facebook and Twitter and are looking into using Pinterest more. Facebook and Twitter reach different audiences and fulfil different functions so they require different approaches. While Facebook may serve to increase loyalty and keep fans updated about an organisation, Twitter can be used to reach a broader number of people regarding the existence of the organisation and then convert them into loyal fans

What industry body is your PR firm affiliated to?


How do prospective clients reach your PR firm?

We have a website which is in the process of being upgraded or they can drop an email to

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