Paradigm Group launches Net Drive

Paradigm Group, the innovative and South-Africa-based information and communications technology (ICT) company that is heavily focused on cloud computing and mobility, recently announced Net Drive, a ‘configure and forget’ cloud backup solution that requires no technical expertise and can be accessed from any location.

“According to the KPMG Data Loss Barometer 2012, which exposes some of the latest trends and statistics for globally lost and stolen information in 2012 as well as a view of trends over the last five years, data loss incidents have risen by 40% since 2011 with hacking the number one cause,” commented Nolan Daniel, Director of Paradigm Group. “Hence the importance we attach to being able to provide users with affordable and secure backup capabilities, and the introduction of our Net Drive application that is available as an entry-level product or in a more advanced form that includes many extra facilities such as a synchronisation capability and the ability to share files with other people.

“We have been selling this solution for about two years on our Paradigm Solutions site and have several hundred users already,” continued Daniel. “However, with the advent of cheaper, unlimited bandwidth and wider acceptance, ie increased ‘trust levels’ of cloud services, we have decided to rebrand it as a separate drive

“From a user perspective, they will need to install a client utility on either their PCs or Macs and then select the folders they need to be backed up,” concluded Daniel. “The utility will monitor all selected folders and automatically upload any file additions or changes to the cloud in real time. Up to 30 versions of each file are saved and the files can then be accessed via our Net Drive Web site or by using a mobile application that is available for the iOS, Windows and Android environments.”

  • For further information, please contact Net Drive; tel. 086 1234 477; e-mail

Author: PR Officer

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