Online Buying and Selling Reinvented – Livebids

The only social online marketplace has launched with the aim of empowering buyers & sellers.

After much anticipation LiveBids Auctions has been launched in South Africa. LiveBids offers a unique online buying and selling platform that incorporates different aspects of various social media.

This means that you can choose your interests, follow your friend’s, search hundreds of products while buying items for a fraction of the cost and selling them to make real profits.

LiveBids aims to help buyers and sellers fully connect in trade with seamless transactions. It is an online marketplace that is simple, interactive and social. It allows users to experience a real-time marketplace, buy products lower than the market value and socially follow buyers and sellers.

Two formats are used, namely online auctions and pay-per-bid. The first of these is the traditional online auction model, where items are sold to the highest bidder. The second is a pay-per-bid model, where would-be buyers purchase credits to bid on items. These credits go to the seller, which is how it is possible to purchase big-ticket items for nominal amounts.

The founders of LiveBids, Rory Vollmer and Paul Hoft, explain that “the idea was to create an online marketplace that was simple, interactive and social, helping buyers and sellers connect and trade. The marketplace is completely people driven”.

Please visit to empower yourself by becoming an online buyer and seller today!


If you would like further information regarding LiveBids Auctions, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Rory Vollmer, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Phone: (+44) 7585954017


Author: PR Officer

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