Mzansi vocal talents gets the ultimate shot

We have watched television castings from back in the days when panorama was the color of classical screens to the seasons of shows that brings both joy and unforgettable excitements into the homes of millions around the country. In all those shared moments we have enjoyed talents rise and fall and seen numerous judges pour out their hearts at the stages, but we fail to consider the harsh consequences the words of most judges would have on the dreams of many trying and upcoming contestants.

After almost a decade of television casting shows, Alto Max Recordings is proud to successfully launch a web based audition project that allows vocal contestants the opportunity to compete on a versatile platform that gives ease of use and fans building potentials to contestants, with no judges but likes with a click of a button.

The Ultimate Shot as the project is called gives contestants a shot at their talent by allowing them a chance to create a fan base for themselves and market their talents through the unlimited opportunities on the internet and on social Medias. The ultimate shot has 2 rounds in the project, in the first round the uploader page is made live, allowing as many contestants as possible the opportunity to record and upload audio/visual auditions of 60 seconds of their choice of songs.

The contestants then create awareness for their videos to get people to watch and vote them. 10 videos with the highest votes enter for the second round in which votes are gathered and the top 3 are selected winners.

1st in place receives a record deal as well as prize money, 2nd and 3rd are also given price money for their place in the final vote count.

The project kicked off on the 26th of April this month for its first session and successfully recorded 56 videos submission online, with 10 videos with the highest voted automatically entered for the second session that starts on the 17th of October 2014.

The project website address is:

Project Copyright Owners: AltoMax Recordings

Supporting Sponsor: Mafoko Security Patrols

Our contact numbers for enquiries are: 0127705459

Marketing Agency: MaphorisaInitiatives, South Africa

Public Relations: Maphorisa Initiatives, South Africa

Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, member of the press, or volunteer should contact

For more information, please visit www.

We look forward to your support and hope you visit our website to support aspiring talents of this great nation!

Author: PR Officer

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