Mpact Recycling and Mrs South Africa aim to get dirty cleaning the beach

Mpact Recycling, in partnership with Mrs South Africa, coordinated a beach clean-up at Blue Lagoon Beach in KwaZulu-Natal over the weekend, as part of a traditional annual environmental ‘spring clean’ that countries all across the globe participate in.


“Trash, whether on the beach or in the water, compromises the health of humans, wildlife and livelihoods that depend on a healthy ocean. It also threatens tourism and recreation, and the critical rands they add to our local economies. Addressing what lies unseen beneath the surface or out on the open water requires understanding by the public that the answer lies in recycling materials long before it gets to the oceans and rivers,” says Donna-Mari Noble, Mpact Recycling Communications Manager.


“Recycling waste at source or at homes and offices considerably reduces the amount of trash that ultimately finds its way to the coast. We encourage all South Africans to participate in recycling their paper-based products and PET beverage bottles.”


South Africa is one of many countries that participate in what is one of the world’s biggest volunteer efforts encouraging coastal health. Each year, thousands of kilogrammes of every imaginable type of waste is collected and removed from along the world’s shorelines, and South Africa is recognised as a leading participant in this clean-up initiative. Further, Blue Lagoon Beach is a Blue Flag certified, which according to the Foundation for Environmental Education means that the beach meets its stringent tourism standards.



“How better to highlight this vital environmental issue than by leveraging the Mrs. SA pageant, and all its stands for?” says Noble. Mrs South Africa is not just a beauty pageant but a women’s empowerment programme. Beauty with a purpose and making a difference is a key part of the beauty pageant.


Joani Johnson, managing director of Mrs South Africa says, “As part of the competition, our finalists are encouraged to help with community upliftment and environmental initiatives throughout South Africa. Raising awareness of the  issues along our beautiful coastline and beaches through charitable activities and volunteer work are important aspects of the contestants’ journey. Each of the five Durban-based Mrs South Africa finalists participated in the beach clean-up and were required to invite ten people to accompany them.”


Noble concluded: “Each participant in the beach clean-up was provided with a t-shirt, a pair of gloves, a rubbish bag, sunscreen and water. The day’s festivities was a lot of hard work but it was fun for all participants and most importantly we have a beautiful, clean beach to show for it.”

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