Kids life coaching in high demand

According to the National Mental Health Association, currently, one in five children has a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioural disorder and up to one in 10 may suffer from a serious emotional disturbance. There is no doubt that children now, more than ever are needing mentorship and guidance to overcome the stress, negative influences, obstacles and challenges of life.

Although Adult Life Coaching is in high demand, with the focus on finding purpose and meaning in a world full of challenges, there is the only organization internationally, that offers Kids Life Coaching certifications. Founded by South African, Zelna Lauwrens a passionate expert in the field of Child Behaviour and Self Development, The Kids Life Studio® aims to create a culture of mental well-being that extends from toddlers to teens.

Throughout her career of almost 20 years, Zelna’s interest has focused primarily on Toxic Influences that impact on the way children behave. After presenting her research at the 2nd Global Childhood Conference at Oxford University, she decided to use her knowledge and expertise to create a Kids Life Coaching model based on scientific and psychological principles. “I founded the Kids Life Studio to create a network of affiliates who offer coaching, skills training, counselling and mentorship to children. Working alongside each other, our main aim is to provide young people with the tools and guidance that empowers them to make responsible lifestyle choices.”

Founder Zelna Lauwrens will be in South Africa offering her Kids Life Coach Training at The Sandton Convention Centre. This 3-day training will empower people passionate about children to provide a toolkit to put the key ingredients in place for your people to develop am positive cycle of success in their life. Zelna can be contacted on or details can be found on the website

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