The Journal of Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology launched

For many years, Coaching has been growing and the debate has been whether or not it is a profession. At the ABCCCP we believe coaching is not only a profession that has come on its own, but is also growing fast. This is why we thought it necessary to establish a platform that will ensure the body of knowledge for coaching is recorded and shared.

The Journal of Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology in Africa marks a shift in the position of Africa in the global development of coaching. Since 2004 Master and PhD programmes have been running in academic institutions- and many of these programmes involved a submission of either a mini-theses or dissertation of sorts. “And as such there is enough research out there to keep the journal running with cutting edge research every year” Said Mongezi Makhalima, Chairperson of the ABCCCP.

What is important now is to position the journal within Academia and Practice realms to create an interface of useful research across the continent relating to Coaching & Consulting. We know based on our initial research there’s a lot happening within the areas of coaching and consulting, but a lot of it is scattered all over.

We feel as the continent we also have something to contribute to the global world of coaching and what this journal does is serve to play an integrating role in the evolution of Coaching and Consulting on the African Continent- and we are looking forward to working jointly with both academia and practitioners to grow Africa’s voice in these domains.

“It is important for businesses operating across the African continent to understand that a good grasp of the socio-cultural context of their businesses, and of their people, is a critical element for long-term success. We cannot be importing and swallowing whole models and frameworks developed elsewhere. Africa has a wealth of wisdom that directly informs how Africa does business”, said Dr Dumisani Magadlela, Board Member at the ABCCCP & Editor of the Journal).

The Journal is now available from the Amazon and Kalahari bookstores, as well as national libraries across the country. Members of the ABCCCP may order their free copies from:

012 751 7608 (Members Only)

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