JointAstin launched for rheumatoid arthritic sufferers

Super anti-inflammatory containing high dosages of Astaxanthin now available in Southern Africa to assist sufferers of severe joint pains.

Pru Harrington, a local health expert, has launched JointAstin into South Africa during November 2013. JointAstin is specifically formulated for arthritic and rheumatoid arthritic sufferers, athletes seeking faster recovery from injury and carpal tunnel and tendonitis sufferers. Just two weeks after the launch date reports are already being received from local users, testifying to the positive results that are being experienced.

JointAstin is a powerful formula designed to strengthen, support and nourish joints, tendons and synovial fluids. Regular users experience soothing and nourishing of painful joints and support of joints for daily work and exercising. JointAstin has superior carotenoid and antioxidant power, 6 000 times stronger than Vitamin C! The formulation contains a high dosage of Natural Astaxanthin, the most powerful natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory known today.

Key ingredients are:

  • Natural Astaxanthin (12 milligrams per capsule, three times the regular potency).
  • Glucosamine to support the body’s “cushions” that surround joints for healthy function.
  • Boswellia Extract for extra joint health support.
  • Flax seed oil to improve absorption.

JointAstin is 100% vegetarian and contains no gluten, lactose, preservatives or solvents. It is also guaranteed to be GMO free and non-irradiated.

Author: PR Officer

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