Introducing EZterms- industry leaders in custom crafted website legal docs

EZterms, a legal tech startup situated in Johannesburg is leading the charge in ensuring online legal compliance, as privacy laws growing ever stricter. EZterms has launched an online service with an intuitive platform aimed at providing custom crafted website legal documents for businesses with an online presence.

Recent legislative changes have made it increasingly difficult for companies with an online presence to ensure that their website legal documents, such as Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, are compliant with the latest legal requirements. This presents a problem which, unless exorbitant sums of money are thrown at an attorney, can’t be solved by the average website owner or manager.

Prior to the enactment of the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPI), which was signed into law during April 2014, businesses and website owners alike could get away with simply stealing website legal documents from other sites, or electing to have none at all. This is no longer the case.

At the core of POPI is the protection and enforcement of the Constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy, which it seeks to do by clamping down on non-compliant websites.

For Joe Public of course, this is good news- the law has come to your protection in order to ensure that you know how your personal information is collected, stored and processed and, importantly, with whom your personal information is shared.

Website owners on the other hand, will need to ensure that their website legal documents, notices and disclaimers are legally compliant; failing which, the soon-to-be appointed Information Regulator may be breathing down your neck, turning your virtual storefront into a very real nightmare.

This is where EZterms comes in – the brainchild of 2 tech inclined attorneys-turned-entrepreneurs, who have launched and run their own websites, allowing them to understand the underlying functionality of websites, with the result that EZterms is uniquely positioned to make the lives of website owners much, much easier.

The EZterms Team does this by custom crafting website legal documents from the perspective of the source code up, with your business objectives at front of mind. This ensures a level of legal understanding not experienced before, with the result that the legal framework within which your business operates affords the public increased transparency as to the processing of their personal information.

With over 11 years of combined legal experience, the EZterms team is ideally placed to blend their skill sets, bringing together legal expertise and a love for tech entrepreneurship to create a service offering custom crafted legal documents for website owners and managers at an affordable price.

The EZterms service is conveniently conducted through an online platform, where website owners and managers can order their custom crafted website legal documents moulded specifically to each website’s unique needs.

EZterms has partnered with top-drawer web developers and designers on an affiliate basis, who refer their clients to EZterms, and as a result, are able to provide their clients with a far more holistic product offering. Alternatively, website owners may order their legal documents directly from EZterms at

The platform caters for a range of businesses, but has found a niche in working with small to medium sized businesses that run anything from a basic website, to a blog, an eCommerce store, forum, directory or other website.

Their prices start at just ZAR 1, 999.00 for their basic website package- which includes a free privacy policy.

EZterms firmly believes in the affordability and value proposition of their products- the legal documents drafted by the EZterms team save each client approximately R10,000.00 to R15,000.00 per package, without compromising on the quality and standard of protection afforded to their clients.

EZterms is proud to be a part of a safer, more transparent, and legally compliant web community, by being the go-to entity for all things website and law.

Author: PR Officer

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