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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – November 26, 2014 – A Television is often more than just an electronic device in the corner of a living room. In recent years it has become part of a complete home entertainment experience, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, design, picture quality and sound – all contributing to a modern viewing experience.

As the television set has changed over the years, innovative and smart audio-visual designs and technology has been introduced, the purchasing decision has become more involved and there are now far more factors to consider. Ansgar Pabst, Business Lead for TV/AV at Samsung Electronics SA, provides the following “need to know” tips for consumers wanting to buy a new TV:

Planning and preparation

When buying a TV, one should be pro-active and research the differences between the various technologies that are available and enquire about options in terms of picture quality. For great viewing the quality of the image plays a key role and innovative technology ensures bright and vibrant colours.

The technologies available include HD-compatible or HD ready versus full HD, Plasma versus LED and newer technologies such as 3D TV and Curved UHD TV.  For example, the full HD offers better picture quality in comparison to the HD ready and is capable of displaying crisp and clear images at a resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels, whereas the HD ready units only run at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

In LED TVs there is a backlighting source that provides the device with a far more dynamic contrast level. Plasma TVs have superior black levels and contrast ratios and the technology capture every detail in a fast action scene. Three-dimensional or 3D technology enables the viewing of data or images from three varying dimensions, i.e. width, length and height. These three aspects give an image volume and allude to a sense of realism.

Samsung’s Curved UHD TVs combine the curve and UHD technology to bring images to life and this provides for spectacular clarity and detail. It is augmented by Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyses regions of images and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth. It also gives a 3D effect without glasses. Viewing is further enhanced on these sets with Samsung’s PurColor™ technology which reproduces colour for even more detail and expression.

All these technologies can contribute to a true entertainment experience and the choice in the end depends on the individual and their unique lifestyle.


Choose a design that complements the existing home décor. It remains a fundamental aspect of the user’s experience and with every revolutionary change in TV technology, there’s a drastic reshaping of the device itself. In the past, analog CRT TVs acted as furniture and gave way to thinner HD panels proudly displayed like art on a wall. Now, with the availability of UHD, display technology is once again taking on a new shape with a graceful curve that allows for more uniform viewing distance and widens the field of view. Samsung believes the TV will continue its revolutionary design path, paving the way for it to be seen as a distinctive and stylish feature in the home and not just as an electronics product.

“At Samsung we always strive for design originality. We win our customers’ hearts and minds by following and understanding their needs. With the introduction of the first flat-panel TV, we required something to support the panel and created a wine glass-like stand, which became a trend. Consumers today prefer wall-mounted TVs in order to find a way to have the unit blend into the environment. We will continue to pursue the next evolution that our consumers aspire to,” says Pabst.

Choose intelligent features

The functionality of TV has evolved and there are currently many smart features and functions to choose from. With certain Smart TVs consumers can download applications, stream music, discover games or access fitness programmes. Samsung Smart TVs offer various apps, from movie to sports, to social media apps and many more.  “When purchasing a TV one needs to look into these features and determine what it is they want from their Smart TV and if they are specific about what they would like and require,” explains Pabst.

Ensure the selected TV offers the content needed

Consumers use a TV for various entertainment needs. Occasionally a person only watches the news or their favourite soapie and in other cases they want to stream content from the web onto their TV or surf the net and use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype, whilst gaining access to emails from the screen. The chosen model needs to cater for the individual’s requirements in terms of media consumption.

Embrace Connectivity

Take advantage of connectivity to ensure entertainment beyond the living room. Samsung’s AllShare 8 (Content Sharing) can wirelessly access content virtually anywhere, whether it’s in the next room, or the next town. Store recorded programmes in the cloud and enjoy them from anywhere.

Invest in audio-video solutions

Technology exists which enhances and complements the home entertainment experience, focusing on the principle of sound. Samsung’s Wireless Audio Multiroom System for example, enables listeners to enjoy wireless audio entertainment in any room of the home, from a variety of music sources, including Bluetooth streaming. The system can be fully controlled from a downloadable app (Samsung Multiroom) and is facilitated through easy plug-and-play installation. With the TV SoundConnect feature available to Samsung Soundbars, consumers can connect wirelessly to their Samsung Smart TV. The UHD picture is enhanced with outstanding HD quality sound and the listening area is optimised with Surround Sound expansions, enhancing the TV sound with 320W of power.

When purchasing a TV, it is important to investigate what sound solutions are available to support and complement the TV unit.

Pabst concludes: “By following these easy tips you can select the perfect TV and audio-visual experience for your lifestyle and entertainment needs. At Samsung we are excited about innovation and we are constantly driven by a passion to deliver revolutionary functions, ever more intelligent user experiences and the most beautiful displays possible. We are not just the leader in the industry for the past eight years; we also want to ensure we are always one step ahead. As a result, we always innovate to redefine the television experience.”

Author: PR Officer

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