Hoërskool Waterkloof gets affordable Samsung GALAXY tablets

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – December 17, 2014 — Governments and schools are realising that they have to prepare the youth to operate effectively in a 21st century workforce. Today, teachers and school administrators are leveraging technology to improve their standard of learning and with limited IT resources, decision makers in the education sector are looking for solutions that will allow them to teach in a way that meets the expectations of their digitally-native students.

Samsung Electronics South Africa with a proven success track record in the consumer market, coupled with an extensive product offering, designs educational solutions that inspire student-centric learning. This is supported by a robust education partner ecosystem, which is customisable for any educator’s needs. As tablets grow in demand in the modern classrooms across the country, teachers and students are actively adopting the promise of mobile learning in a way that will positively impact the teaching and learning experience.

Samsung has formed an educational alliance with Hoërskool Waterkloof, a public school in Pretoria.  Together, they have undertaken to improve the school’s academic performance through the provision of affordable Samsung GALAXY tablets to the pupils. This initiative, known as the Samsung Smart education approach, has been created to engage and inspire both students and teachers through technology.

“Children often don’t feel confident enough to openly express their personal views in front of the entire class and we believe that by introducing the tablet the children are given another way of articulating their thoughts and ideas,” says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics SA. “These tablets are also perfect for providing teachers with a way of incorporating video and multimedia content into their lessons and this is a guaranteed method of engaging young minds and teaching complex ideas.”

The Samsung Smart Education approach as adopted by Hoërskool Waterkloof is about creating the classroom of today – modern, connected and driven by digital solutions. Learners and teachers can take advantage of the extensive Wi-Fi upgrades and content management software and are also able to connect to the schools intranet in a dynamic learning environment.

“Interactive learning has a purpose. When pupils are actively encouraged to participate in lessons, it dramatically improves their performance and retention rates. Our ultimate goal is to connect better with our students and provide them with a platform to share content and experience new ways of learning. With the interactive tools, teachers are now able to customise instructions to match the student’s individual needs and provide instant feedback,” says Kobus Schoeman Marketing Coordinator, Hoërskool Waterkloof.

“Hoërskool Waterkloof is the very first government school in South Africa to successfully transform to e-Learning and enhancing the teacher-student experience,” says Ferreira. “They have seen a tangible increase in the way in which children approach their studies and in their outcomes too”.

By the end of 2014, the school will have almost 2000 tablet users on campus with further growth of around 2600 expected into 2015. The school has developed an involved and interactive classroom model that taps into the features and functionality of these tablets to ensure that they are used to their maximum potential.

“Not only are these pupils able to communicate with their teachers more comfortably, they are also given access to a vast world of resources and learning materials that is always at their fingertips whenever they need it,” concludes Ferreira. “Furthermore, they are also given the technology skills they will need once they leave school and enter university and start their careers.”

About Hoërskool Waterkloof
Hoërskool Waterkloof is an Afrikaans high school situated in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa. It is known as one of the top schools in Gauteng and has been awarded by the GDE (Gauteng Department of Education) academic school of the year in 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. It has achieved a 100% pass rate for the 23 years. For more information, visit www.klofies.co.za/

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