HerdBoys connects farmers

HerdBoys has successfully completed the start-up phase of the HerdBoys Online Trading System. The first of its kind, online agri-procurement platform is now fully developed and operating in a live environment with about one hundred paying agri-input buyers and suppliers across the country.

HerdBoys is also proud to introduce Agri360.co.za, a new LinkedIN type Agri-business network designed to enhance buyer and supplier relationships in a powerful networking environment that is designed to Connect Farming Communities.

The company has got to where it is today with over R 6 million worth of investment and they are now looking to secure first stage or “Series A” investment funding that will:

  • Provide a substantial step up in their capacity to accelerate growth and deliver ground breaking returns to all their stakeholders and;
  • To take HerdBoys through to “Series B” funding that will enable international growth and expansion.

HerdBoys is on the verge of revolutionising the way farming inputs are bought and sold and they’re really excited about what this means for farming across the globe.

HerdBoys is seeking business savvy investors who can help the company get to a R20 Million “Series B” valuation in 15 months’ time. Investors are invited to join HerdBoys on a ride of a lifetime with a potential 100% return on investment over the same period.

HerdBoys is in the process of putting together a dream team of game changers and thought leaders who are committed to improving efficiencies within the agricultural industry, both in South Africa and abroad.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is looking to invest in a physically unencumbered, geographically unconstrained, agri-internet business that is fresh and innovative with a high ROI potential.

The company has pulled out all the stops in its aim to find the right investors. They have set up an investor page on their website that would put Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to shame and have recorded one of the best investor pitch videos we have seen. To see all the details visit the HerdBoys Website www.herdboys.co.za and click on ‘Invest in Us’.

Author: PR Officer

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