Hand held ultrasound scan hits local market

Abela Africa Medical announced the launch of the Signos RT hand-held ultrasound device for the Southern African market. Manufactured in Australia by Signostics, The Signos RT brings advanced imaging capabilities right to the patient or bedside. It can help clinicians to visually assess a patient efficiently and immediately for a rapid diagnosis that can improve health at an affordable price.

“From humble beginnings, Signostics has already enjoyed tremendous success and is now on the verge of becoming a worldwide leader in fast and affordable point-of-care medical devices,The next-generation Signos RT has the potential to change the future of medicine and allow physicians to see more and do more anywhere at any time.” Signostics Chairman, Raymond Spencer.


Since its launch, the Signos has been widely distributed among rural and respiratory physicians, physiotherapists, continence nurses and palliative care specialists, as well as companion animal veterinarians. The product is helping medical practitioners to visually assess a patient’s internal anatomy more efficiently than ever before, with the latest innovative technology enabling rapid production of high resolution images to assist clinicians diagnose patients and improve health at a much more affordable price.

Signos RT is an easy-to-use personal ultrasound device that can be easily carried in a lab coat or worn like a stethoscope for real-time patient diagnosis at the point of care—in triage situations, outpatient/office, or on any hospital bed floor. Providing high image quality, this durable palm-sized device weights less than 14 ounces and offers B-mode, M-mode, Doppler, and simple to access presets.

Ideal for a broad range of applications—including fetal/pregnancy assessments, and abdominal, lung and pelvic examinations—the device can be used as a stand-alone ultrasound system or plugged into a Windows-based PC, laptop or tablet for the flexibility of a larger display. All devices come standard with software for online imaging and offline review and storage.

The device also features a high resolution touchscreen, choice of interchangeable transducers, and a 4GB data card that stores 10,000+ images.

Ashley Vos, Director of Abela Africa said that they were in the process of finalising the distribution and sales partners for the device in Southern Africa. Contact Ashley@Abelaafrica.com

Author: PR Officer

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