Green Building Council certifies Cecilia Square

BKB Eiendomme have settled into the first of two buildings in this prestigious development. In order that we do not just pay lip service to the 4 Star Design Rating, BKB and Lazercor Developments will be implementing the “As Built” phase of the green rating from the 1st of April 2015. This will entail that the occupiers of the building implement the actions and interventions identified during the design phase of the 4 Green Star Rating. On conclusion of the “As Built” phase, we will apply to the Green Building Council of South Africa for certification of a 4 Green Star As Built Building Rating.

Due to the successes achieved in the development of the first building and  the current desire for businesses to be located in well accessible locations without the traffic congestion experienced in developments closer to the city, Lazercor has launched the final phase of the development which will consist of 16 office suites all of which feature:

  •        A minimum of 5 parking bays per 100m²
  •        Technology intelligent
  •        Environmentally responsible  – designed to achieve  4 Green Star Rating
  •        Security, integrating CCTV, electrified perimeter fence and biometric access control
  •        State of the art server room – we have been told that the server room compares to and in most cases exceeds the standards of the best server rooms in the country
  •        Optic fibre connectivity
  •        Alternative power through an already installed generator
  •        Water savings through rain water harvesting and water wise landscaping.

According to Mark Teuchert of Lazercor Developments, “Now that it is possible to feed back into the electricity grid we have started planning solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the final building

which will result in further savings for the prospective occupants. In fact we have calculated that taking all the savings into account, the improved working environment and the ideal location, occupants can expect a saving of up to R60.00 per m² of building space per month. This is a bold statement and assumes a 3% improvement in productivity of employees. The Australians and other published studies, believe that healthy Green Buildings offer up to a 25% improvement of productivity. These savings do not take into account the personal savings to employees in that they will not have to sit in traffic congested access routes for hours.”

“Given this development in electricity savings we will definitely be pursuing a 5 Star Green Rating” says Mark Teuchert.

The office suites are reasonably priced from R18 500 per m² should you wish to purchase, or from R115 per m² per month should one wish to lease.

We have appointed leading property brokers who are active in the Paarl area:-

  •        Shepherd Industrial & Commercial Real Estate
  •        BKB Eiendomme
  •         Seeff Boland Winelands
  •        Meadow Bridge Consulting
  •        CIAgents
  •        Rawson Properties Commercial
  •        Broll
  •        Eris Properties

We are proud to be associated with the above agents. Should we achieve our marketing targets, we intend to commence construction in May 2015 with an estimated occupation date of April 2016.

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Author: PR Officer

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