The Gift of Dyslexia, AD/HD, and Autism in Johannesburg

Two lectures and a workshop in Johannesburg in June

South Africa is estimated to have over five million dyslexics, a million people with AD/HD, and a million individuals on the autistic spectrum. This estimate is based on South Africa being similar to the US and Europe. Until now, there has been little awareness of these conditions in South Africa, and few solutions on offer. This is now finally changing, because of the introduction of the DavisTM methods, addressing all these issues in days, with a success rate which is hard to believe.

Lecture 1: The Davis Autism approach (17 June in Radford House school in Fairlands, JHB). Lorna Timms director of Davis Autism International, outlines the Davis approach to autism.

Lecture 2: The Gift of Dyslexia and ADHD (18 June in Radford House school in Fairlands, JHB). Axel Gudmundsson director of Gifted Dyslexic outlines the Davis approach to dyslexia and ADHD.

Workshop: The Four-Day Gift of Dyslexia workshop (30 June – 2 July in Northsands Remedial School, 83 Canterbury Rd, Fourways).

Each lecture costs R100; the workshop costs R6 000. Registration is on

Success Stories

Our latest feedback is from an enthusiastic mother of a nine year old intelligent, dyslexic, and ADD boy from Gaborone, Botswana:

“His school marks went from an average of 30-40% last year, to an average of 70% in his last exams.”

Being a very caring and diligent mother, she tried everything she could to find help for her son. Things didn’t really shift until she found the DavisTM approach, which transformed her son’s life in only six days. To gain more confidence in supporting her son, she also attended the four-day Gift of Dyslexia workshop, which we will be running on 30 June.

Nicola Killops is a teacher in Radford House School for gifted children. Earlier this year, her eleven year old autistic son was illiterate, despite attending four different remedial/special needs schools, and being exposed to every remedial intervention available. Desperate, she finally tried the Davis approach. Her looooong story to success is below, but in short, ten days one-to-one of Davis intervention enabled her son to both read and write, albeit still some years behind his age.

The four-day Gift of Dyslexia workshop

The four-day Gift of Dyslexia workshop is for parents who wish to take matters in their own hands and help their dyslexic children overcome their dyslexia, but it is also for therapists and educators who wish to use the DavisTM methods in their existing work with dyslexics.

The lectures outline how and why dyslexic, ADD-ers, and autistics can reach their full potential.

The workshop trains you in correcting dyslexia.

The problem

A problem with focus (attention) is the key common factor in all dyslexia related learning difficulties. By addressing this issue successfully, the symptoms of learning difficulties are eliminated, solving the problem once and for all.

The cause

A person’s learning style reflects their preferred thinking style. Thinking styles fall into two main categories – verbal or non-verbal. We all start life as non-verbal thinkers, and sticking to this thinking style puts us at risk of developing special education needs. Conversely, using this thinking style allows us to maintain access to the high-speed creative thinking babies and toddlers use to learn. This is the main reason for the gift of dyslexia.

The solution

There are essentially two steps needed to address all the above special education needs:

  1. Learn how to focus – and how to notice when focus is broken;

  2. Identify and eliminate “triggers” which break the student’s focus.

We teach a specific focusing technique, and use plasticine for a multi-sensory learning method to help us eliminate confusion. This allows the non-verbal student to read, spell, and write as well as a verbal thinker within a year – solving the problem for good.

An AD/HD client also needs to master ten fundamental life-skills concepts, critical for success in life. These concepts include the following: Self, Change, Consequence, Time, Sequence, Order/disorder.

Comments from some previous participants in the Gift of Dyslexia workshop:

“The value of this work is endless”.

“I would absolutely recommend this workshop”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and learnt so much. I would definitely recommend this workshop”.

“Very clear and concise material. Excellent presenter – an absolute pleasure”.

“I am truly impressed with this course, and have learnt a lot of new and valuable methods”.

For more information please contact Axel Gudmundsson, director of Gifted Dyslexic (0791029352) or Val van der Berg, administrator of Gifted Dyslexic on 082 444 0157.

Axel Gudmundsson and Nicola Killops are available for interviews, and Lorna Timms over Skype.

Author: PR Officer

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