Furniture design company Ken Price Designs, banks on CNC Router

For more than three decades, Ken Price Designs, a wooden furniture, fireplace surroundings and cabinet designer and manufacturer has served super high-profile clients. Due to the fact that absolute precision and superior quality is so important to Ken Price Designs, they have been crafting their designs by hand and manual machines for generations.

Recently, however, they encountered a problem with drilling the holes in their cabinets accurately as achieving the optimal depth while still maintaining a straight screw-line proved challenging. It meant that they had to compromise their superb level of quality to accommodate the manufacturing process, or Ken Price Designs had to find a solution where their reputation for quality built products would not be in jeopardy.

This is when they invested in Advanced Machinery’s CNC Wood Router, a CNC Router that can drill holes in wood with a 100% precision rate. This particular Router can also be used in a variety of other ways that can also prove beneficial to Ken Price Designs, such as the precision profile cutting and wood carving.

By investing in the CNC Wood Router from Advanced Machinery, Ken Price Designs are again able to ensure that the level of quality which they are known for is upheld. In addition, they can now also work more precisely in a reduced time period and simultaneously employ less manpower. By taking the traditional way that they have always created furniture masterpieces and fusing it with the most developed and suitable technology, Ken Price Designs gained the competitive edge of working more cost effectively while still ensuring the desired product output is obtained.

Author: PR Officer

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