fullhousenutrition.co.za gets a facelift

www.fullhousenutrition.co.za wants to welcome you back with open arms, a great new look, and some great new features of our website.

www.fullhousenutrition.co.za will never be like your average online store. We’re much more than that and we’d like to show you why. Yes, you can buy supplements here – but you can do that at our competitors. Yes, we offer free shipping in Gauteng for orders over R499 – but our competitors do that too. Yes, we offer a great range of products with suggestions, rewards, sponsorship, a smarter shopping cart, and a way to re-order your monthly supplements when you run out – but…. WHAAAAT!!!???

Yes! Not only do we have the greatest range of brands and products at great prices, but we also want to help you make the best choices when supplementing your nutrition and we want to reward you AND your friends for making the best choice in online supplements.

User Generated Recommendations On Your Order – Every time you place a new item in your shopping cart you’ll get recommendations for products you can add that other shoppers have added when buying that same product. Not sure what product you should take with a mass builder or protein supplement? If you add a Nutritech Mass Builder to your cart, you’ll get a recommendation to add Nutritech Ecdysterone which helps with protein synthesis. Someone you don’t even know, who doesn’t even work for us, just helped you build muscle – FOR FREE.

New Smarter Shopping Cart – Our new shopping cart pops up every time you place a new item in it. Here you’ll be able to see complimentary product recommendations, enter a voucher code, see what new products are on the site, and email us for help. You’ll be able to do this straight from your shopping cart.

Rewards – For every R100 you spend with FHN you will receive 1 FHN “Rep”. For every completed order you’ll receive another FHN “Rep”. Like us on Facebook and get yet another FHN “Rep”. 1 FHN “Rep” = R1. When you’re ready to complete your “Set”, redeem your “Rep”s and use them on your next purchase. You can view how many “Rep”s you’ve got in your account page as well as getting your statement emailed to you every 30 days. By recommending friends, they’ll get sponsored R50

Sponsorship Programme – Recommend a friend and you’ll both get 5 FHN “Reps” when they register. If they order, they’ll get an additional 50 FHN “Reps”. For every 10 friends that you recommend and that place an order, you’ll get a 50% discount voucher to use on your next order.

Re-Ordering – How many times have you gotten to the end of a tub of your stuff and realised that you’ve forgotten to reorder for the next month? You can now reorder your regulars straight from your account page. You’ll be able to see what you’ve ordered previously and just reorder from there – like a boss!

Author: PR Officer

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