Frozen samoosas melt modern consumers’ hearts

Samoosas have always been a popular feature on the South African dietary landscape but for most people they’re more of a ‘buy-them-when-you-see-them’ snack. With that in mind, entrepreneurs Louis Enslin, Cameron Naidoo, and Diran Moonsamy decided to make the triangular treats more readily available, putting them exactly where countless consumers spend most of their time – online.

“We wanted to give people the option to have samoosas anytime the craving struck them, and most importantly we wanted to make them easy to get. Frozen samoosas you can order online seemed like the obvious solution,” says Naidoo.

Naidoo, tasked with Branding and Marketing, created Sam Moosa, a character that can only be described as quirky and that unashamedly epitomises the so called ‘typical Indian guy’. “The great thing about Sameer is that he’s the loveable ‘uncle’ next door who just happens to have an incredible passion for samoosas,” adds Naidoo.

As the man behind Business Development and Strategy, Enslin points out that the market is saturated with online stores. “We had to find a way to entice consumers to want to buy frozen samoosas online, and if there’s one thing the modern consumer loves more than samoosas, it’s a brand that stands out. So we made sure Sam Moosa would do just that in a way that would put a smile on consumers’ faces.”

The trio stresses that ensuring that consumers were able to make secure payments online was one of their biggest concerns. “We made every effort to make sure that consumers would feel safe on our site. Nothing can deter online shoppers more than a transaction gone wrong. We didn’t want to hear any such horror stories from our customers. With over 8 months in operation, we can safely say that we’ve succeeded in that regard,” comments Moonsamy.

Responsible for Supply, Moonsamy adds, “Once we were confident in the security of our site, the stock started rolling in. We’re proud to say that our samoosas taste authentic – they’re not your average convenience store or deli counter samoosas. They’re available in flavours that appeal to both meat lovers and vegetarians. You can fry them like traditional samoosas, but they can also be baked – which is something health-conscious consumers really appreciate.”

The fact that Sam Moosa delivers is another strong selling point for the company. “Who doesn’t love convenience?” asks Enslin. “Currently, our operations focus on central Johannesburg and its northern suburbs. However, plans to extend Sam Moosa’s reach are certainly in the pipeline.”

In the meantime, the reception towards Sam Moosa and the concept of buying something as simple as samoosas online has been outstanding. Consumers – individuals and corporate alike – are carving a comfortable spot in their hearts just for Sam, and he couldn’t be happier. For any further queries on Sam Moosa visit 


Author: PR Officer

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