Fast and Safe Communication with KakaoTalk on your Gadget

When professionals from Kakao Corporation have presented their new product, smartphone messenger KakaoTalk, it became a real breakthrough at this segment. It became a real competitor for such popular applications as Viber and WhatsApp. At the recent time, the program is installed at about 150 million of gadgets all around the globe. It is allowed and runs smooth on all mainstream platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. The program has to be installed from the official KakaoTalk web store or Google Play store. There is also a PC version which will provide you with a possibility to chat with your friends just sitting in front of the monitor and typing on your keyboard.

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KakaoTalk requires any type of the Internet connection, even EDGE will be enough. The only important thing is that it should be stable and without any disconnections. Of course, if usual text messaging is not enough for you, and you wish to make video and voice calls, the 3G network or Wi-Fi connection is necessary. These functions, together with voice messages require higher speed and take more traffic. With the fast Internet, you may also send photos and videos captured directly from the application or taken from a gallery.

KakaoTalk Basic Features for Beginners

When the program is downloaded it is installed automatically. You will find the KakaoTalk icon on the screen of your device and it will be a high time to start working with the application. After entering the mobile phone number you will receive an SMS with a four-digit code of registration. It will allow you to go on further. Decide which will be your username and your personal account will be created. The messenger gives a huge variety of options for personalization. You may change your dialog themes, avatars, message alerts and other moments.

Messengers are mostly used for sending immediate text messages. Immediate delivery and ability to stay online 24/7 are main advantages of such communication. Designers involved a great variety of smiles that will make your messages brighter and more emotional. You may create classic dialogs between two persons and conferences for an unlimited number of communicators as well.

The application may cooperate with a GPS navigator and share your geo position with other users. Such function can be turned off if necessary.

KakaoTalk is free and all communicational functions that are provided by it are also for free. Users only have to take traffic limits into consideration, especially during video and voice calls.

There are two voice filters available. They will make all your voice messages sound funny and unusual. The program uses the voices of Tom and Ben. These are the unique personages of KakaoTalk messenger.

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