Fairtrade Week 10–16 March 2014: Unlocking the Power of the Many

South Africa’s premier Fairtrade wine producer, Bosman Family Vineyards and the De Bos enterprise have been recognised for their social and environmental contributions through accreditation with the internationally renowned Fairtrade organisation.

“Fairtrade is an ethical certification whose main aim is to promote more equality and sustainability in the farming sector. A product that carries the Fairtrade Certification Mark has met the rigorous Fairtrade Standards, which focus on improving labour and living conditions for farming communities and on promoting a way of farming that doesn’t harm either people or the environment. Today Fairtrade is the world’s most trusted ethical certification system.” – http://www.fairtradelabel.org.za

Fairtrade Week, the premier annual campaign of Fairtrade Label South Africa, calls on South African consumers, businesses and organisations to recognise the potential Africa has to be more equal and sustainable. The theme of Fairtrade Week 2014 is “Unlocking the Power of the Many”. The campaign aims to celebrate Fairtrade’s powerful partnerships with African producers and to highlight the significance of collaboration within the industry.

Bosman’s philosophy is simple: “if you care about the people that do the work, the people care about the work they do,” says Bosman Family Vineyards managing director Petrus Bosman. “The same can be said about the way we respect and care for our environment. The De Bos range of wines is an extension of this vision.”

The De Bos wines are handcrafted from vine to wine, while a model empowerment initiative between the eighth-generation Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Workers Trust acknowledges the long-standing relationship with workers on the farm.

The main focus of the Bosman Joint Body Project this year is to generate sustained social investment and increase progressive development in their community. This focus fits in perfectly with the 2014 Fairtrade Week theme of collaboration, as Bosman joins forces with their community to create positive change. They aim to achieve these goals through the implementation of the following key projects: youth programs, drug rehabilitation, sports clubs, education, cultural clubs, training and transport.

The youth programs run during school holidays and aim to provide opportunities for the local youth to be involved in activities, such as cricket, that will improve their physical skills and co-ordination ability, as well as cleaning projects to inspire pride in their surroundings.

The joint body provides drug rehabilitation in collaboration with social workers and local rehab centres.
Sports clubs exist for the youth and young working adults to enjoy physical activity and the discipline of healthy competition during non-working hours, these clubs provide a healthy alternative to negative social patterns.
Education focuses on pre-school, secondary school and skills development school. Currently 50% of the annual school fees of pupils of the Bosman farms are being paid by funds provided by the Joint Body.

The cultural clubs available range from music and art to elderly and men clubs and even life skills camps.
Training is concentrated on computer literacy courses.

Transport is provided for school children as well as trips into town for staff and is aimed at getting children to school on time and transporting everyone in safe and reliable vehicles.

The De Bos wines are available across South Africa from leading retailers and restaurants.

Author: PR Officer

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