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Nyati Safari is a premier provider of travel accommodations in South Africa offering Safari packages to travelers seeking affordable travel options without forcing them to sacrifice luxury and value. The flagship of our travel packages is the Nyati Safari Lodge, located in the privately owned Balule Nature reserve within Great Kruger National Park, South Africa’s largest nature preserve.

Kruger National Park works in partnership with Nyati Safari to offer travelers the guarantee of a unique and exciting safari experience. Accommodations along the Olifants River are built in a traditional African style and include private terraces, from which guests can watch the sunrise every morning and the sun set in the evenings over the Olifants River. Travelers have a range of accommodations available to them, ranging from small private units to the larger Cheetah Camp lodge area, which can provide luxury housing for up to 12 people. Whether you book a 4- or 7-day experience, your safari will include several open-top vehicle drives throughout Kruger National Park (a treat few tour companies have the license to offer), guided bushwalks led by certified and trained rangers, and evening trips throughout Kruger National Park in pursuit of sightings of the “Big Five” – lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos.

About Kruger National Park

Regulated by South African National Parks (SANParks), Kruger National Park was established just prior to 1900 in order to protect the South African Lowveld, and offers travelers over 2million hectares of amazing biodiversity to explore and experience. Focused on controlling hunting and preserving the ecology of the area, Kruger National Park lacks the fences and barriers popular throughout the region prior to 1990, allowing the wildlife to thrive.

For more information and a full list of Nyati Safari’s accommodations and rates, please visit http://nyati.com/destinations/south-africa/nyati-safari-lodge-by-kruger-park/.

About Nyati Safari

Danish-owned and operated, Nyati Safari was launched in 1989 with the intent of offering travelers to South Africa affordable luxury safari experiences. With exclusive lodges in both Mozambique and South Africa’s Great Kruger National Park, the company matches travelers to tailored safari packages that allow guests to set the pace of their holiday.

For more information regarding the various vacation packages and combinations of excursions and experiences offered by Nyati Safari, visit http://nyati.com/about-nyati/.


To learn more about what Nyati Safari offers or to book a unique South African Safari in Kruger National Park, please contact Nyati directly at +27 (0)11 083 6310 or via email at nyati@nyati.com.

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