Could Ebola outbreak be the start of the Apocalypse?

More than 3000 people have dies and more than 7200 have been infected by the current Ebola outbreak.  Although mostly in West Africa, it has spread to Europe and America in recent weeks. Governments are steadily taking action and people leaving areas affected by the outbreak have been subject to checks. Despite people not becoming infectious until they display symptoms, it has put a spotlight on whether governments are equipped to handle a full-blown epidemic.

To dystopia fiction lovers and zombie fans this sounds all too familiar. It could easily be the premise to a film or plot to a book. The current outbreak has put governments on alert and has many doomsayers questioning if this could be the start of the Apocalypse. Ebola might not raise the dead, but the spread of a virus and the crippling of society is a common theme in many pieces of post-apocalyptic fiction.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse by Lee Herrmann is a dystopian novel where a mysterious outbreak spreads, turning people into zombies. It originates in South Africa, but soon spreads across the continent, crippling it. Governments and armies are ill equipped to deal with it and anarchy and ignorance soon fuel the spread of the virus, causing an apocalypse.

The plot may be fiction, but there are similarities to the current Ebola outbreak. Governments have launched airport screenings and border patrols, but questions are raised if it could not have been contained earlier. Originating in Africa recent reports show cases developing in the United States and Spain. Reports have surfaced indicating the first case of this Ebola strain was in December 2013, but it took moths to confirm and longer to act. Fiction pieces often portray governments as slow to react, often reluctant to admit the severity of a dire situation. With the current spread it raises questions if perhaps the action is too late.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is available from Amazon, Kalahari, Porcupine Press and Loot as an e-book and hard copy. Hard copies will be available in selected bookstores from October 2014.

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