East Africa’s first ever Film And Television Database launches

Research shows that, at present, there is a lack of a central platform to showcase and share film and television related information within the East African region. This is said to be one of the fastest growing industries in Africa. Talent companies are finding it challenging to locate talent of this calibre for their campaigns – and at the same time, talent within East African, is finding it gruelling to locate opportunities in their niche. As a result of this, Talent East Africa was established to serve both ends by making it easy to locate each other.

We identified this fissure and decided to dedicate time to mend this gap by launching an online platform where the two above mentioned parties can meet.

Talent East Africa is a website that has been custom designed for all departments that operate within the film and television industry. The website’s core focus is on profiling the following:

  • Actors/Talent
  • Workshops relating to the industry
  • Upcoming events relating to the industry
  • Upcoming castings for talent
  • Casting-related information
  • Behind the scene footage
  • Informative posts/articles relating to the industry

The primary objective of Talent East Africa is to keep track and share information that will be beneficial to all departments that operate
within the film and television industry in the form of news articles, images, blog posts, podcasts, opportunities and videos.

Talent East Africa is the one stop database for the East African film and television industry.

Author: PR Officer

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