Dreadlock Removal Process Now Made Easy with the Take Down® Remover

South Africans have always assumed that the only way to remove dreadlocks is to cut the hair completely.  However now the Take Down® Remover has dismissed those assumptions.  It is the best detangler for matted tangled hair,  Braid, Weave, Extension and Dreadlock Removal.

This is a dry hair detangler which works fast in softening the hair. The cream prevents any type of breakage during the process of detangling.

It offers wonderful results on hair that has not been combed or brushed for a long period. Hair that has become extremely dry and matted can now be softened with the help of this excellent cream. The gentle cream penetrates through the hair and softens each and every strand as and when it is being combed. Imagine the amount of time and effort it would take to remove the knots and clumps out of that matted and tangled hair.

The Take Down® Remover is definitely a great relief from pain as well as a feasible solution that offers excellent results.

The cream should be used directly on the matted hair before shampooing. Shampooing the matted hair would lead to more stubborn knots and clumps. It would also create masses of tangled matted hair. All that the users need here is this Detangler Cream, a wide tooth comb, a rat tail comb and of course lots of patience.

Users have to massage and soak the hair with the cream without wetting the hair. The knots, balls or clumps can be picked using the rat tail comb. The strands of hair can be slowly pulled out using the pin tip of the comb.

If the hair is too tangled, users may wish to use extra cream – the more the better. This would weaken the matted knots and clumps. The hair can be shampooed once it is completely detangled. A wide tooth comb can be used to remove all the knots and mats now. The hair can be conditioned with an excellent conditioner at the end. Even the worst dreadlocks, twists, hair extensions and dread extensions can be detangled easily with the help of this dreadlock remover.

Hair restoration is now easy and simple with this excellent product. It is time to say no to painful processes and those time taking sessions to detangle the extremely impossible tangled hair.

Author: PR Officer

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