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A new online store has opened in South Africa and it promises to be a real treat. What makes this new online shopping store different is that it combines all the best elements from the top ecommerce sites and offers them under one roof.

“We call ourselves an online mall because the same as when you go to a mall and you find everything you need under one roof, DotMall is the same” says owner Yusuf Mottiar.

DotMall launched at the end of April and already has an offering of more than 500 deals on the site.

Soon you will be able to download free coupons on DotMall and get discounts on all your favourite things. Restaurants, frozen yogurt, spa’s, getaways and so much more according to Mr Mottiar.

South Africans are shopping online more these days as prices are becoming extremely competitive in a tough economic environment. The convenience factor plays a major role in shoppers choosing to buy their goods online and have them delivered to their door.

“In the past the courier companies weren’t too interested in working with online stores as the sales weren’t as high as they are now and stores took a more drop-ship approach. Things have changed now though, and businesses like The Courier Guy are integrating more of their systems into the ecommerce framework” says Mr Mottiar.

DotMall plans to be an all in one ecommerce experience with daily deals, free coupons and the ability for vendors to upload their own deals without any of the hassle. A cutting edge market place with the best South Africa has to offer all under one roof and with speedy and efficient delivery.

To visit DotMall go to

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